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Saturday, July 30, 2005

New Autographs for Sale

I refer to Exhibit cards in this list. If you don't know what they are - they are cards that were sold in vending machines, heavy cardboard stock, postcard size, blank back, with a nice picture of the player.
Walt Alston - Gold Hall of Fame plak $160
Dave Bancroft - unlined 3x5 card $150
Moe Berg - a type of premium issue (Goudey type) from the 1930's with facsimile signature and beautiful ink signature. Batting pose. 3" x 5 1/2". Attached to nice page from a quality scrapbook. Corners have 1/8" clip on each corner. Beautiful piece with this rare signature. $500
Ken Boyer - 1962 Topps card, excellent condition, in St Louis uniform. Beautiful signature across his uniform shirt. $125
Ken Boyer - Picture Pak picture, 5x7 glossy, in St Louis uniform. Outstanding signature across his uniform shirt. $165
Elio Chacon - toughest signature of all the 1962 Mets. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 glossy photo. $100
Choo Choo Coleman - second toughest signature of all the 1962 Mets. 8x10 glossy color photo. $60
Choo Choo Coleman - 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 glossy color photo. $45
Tony Conigliaro - 3x5 index card signed on the unlined side. $150
Billy Cox - postmarked government postcard. Postmarked Brooklyn, NY Jun 15,1952. $160Dizzy Dean - Gold Hall of Fame plak $225Goose Goslin - 3x5 index card signed on the unlined side. $160Lefty Grove - Gold Hall of Fame plak $165Bucky Harris - Rowe Postcard in Senators uniform. $150Gil Hodges - a great piece. Fine signature on blank side of card from Bat-A-Way, which was a batting cage in Brooklyn during the Dodgers playing days. The card lists the address of Bat-A-Way in Brooklyn with the Bat-A-Way logo. $400Elston Howard - fine signature and inscription on postmarked government postcard.Asked about his greatest thrill he replies "Winning the MVP and playing in the World Series. Fine signature. $150Elston Howard - Rowe postcard in Yankee uniform. $150Elston Howard - 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 glossy photo in Yankee uniform. $150Elston Howard - McCarthy postcard in Red Sox uniform. $125Jackie Jensen - signed Exhibit card. $60Frank Kellert - the toughest signature to find of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers and the key to that team's autograph collection. Difficult to find personal check. $295Ted Kluszewski - 1955 Topps card in near Exc condition (no creases) $65Ted Kluszewski - signed Exhibit card. $100Sandy Koufax - Rowe postcard in Brooklyn uniform. Outstanding pen signature. $150Ernie Lombardi - Rowe postcard. $115Heinie Manush - Rowe postcard. $150Billy Martin - 1960 Topps card in Exc condition. $85Carl Mays - 3x5 index card, signed on unlined side. $220Joe Medwick - signed Exhibit card. $190Joe Medwick - Gold Hall of Fame plak card. $165Eppa Rixey - 3x5 index card, signed on unlined side. (crease in card, touching y in Rixey). $165George Sisler - Gold Hall of Fame plak card. $165Pie Traynor - 3x5 index card, signed on unlined side. $175Paul Waner - New York World's Fair Laurel Card from Academy of Sport, School of Baseball, Outstanding signature, World's Fair logo on card. $325Tom Zachary - famous for being the pitcher who gave up Babe Ruth's 60th Home Run in 1927. Signature on postmarked government postcard. $150
Joe Louis - signature on inside leather cover (2x3) of address book. Perfect to mat. $225
Emlen Tunnell - postmarked government postcard, writing about his greatest thrill in sports being his Hall of Fame induction. Five lines in his handwriting with superb signature. $150Bob Waterfield - 3x5 index card (personalized To Pat, definitely able to mat out To Pat), inscribed "best of luck always, Bob Waterfield" $175Bob Waterfield - signed Exhibit Card. Beautiful signature. $425

Friday, July 29, 2005

Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to the latest Hall of Fame inductees: Ryne Sandberg and Wade Boggs.
The demand for their autographs will rise and forgeries will proliferate. Be careful what you buy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Discount to Bloggers

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Bogus Auction Items

Just a reminder - if you see any bogus autographs on internet auction sites, send me an e mail.

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If you have questions about autographs, drop me a line. I will try to answer all questions except those about values of items.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Check out my Forgery Alert Page

Read my forgery alert page to learn about what is going on in the autograph market.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Traffic to This Blog

My traffic counter is showing that this blog is getting some hits. There are plenty of autograph collectors out there :).
Remember if you have something to sell please e mail me at and if you are buying take a look at my price lists at
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Please send me your autographs want list, I will keep it on file.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Baseball Photographs for Sale

I have just posted a group of wire service unsigned baseball photos on my website. These are great for signing or matting.

Check them out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ebay Listings

Forgot to post this - my ebay account is richsprt.
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Offerings on Ebay

I am offering a lot of interesting autographs on ebay right now.
Including Lee Harvey Oswald, Christy Mathewson, Judy Garland and many more.


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Forgeries on internet auctions

I was looking for collectors who bought autographs from suspended ebay autograph sellers.
Contact me.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

More and More

Seeing so much bogus stuff on ebay, more and more all the time.
If anyone sees any bogus sports items on ebay, let me know.

I Am Buying Autographs

Time for a commercial :)

I am buying autographs - vintage only. Sports autographs and celebrity autographs.
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Monday, July 04, 2005

PSA Strikes Again

PSA also declares authentic signatures to be not authentic. Check out this ebay auction:

There is an auction on ebay The auction is for a "signed" Mark McGwire card, authenticated and graded by PSA. The "signature" on the card is rubber stamped. Sounds like another "cursory review."

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Humorous Stories About Autograph Collecting

This article about collecting celebrity autographs has been reprinted with permission of the author. I hope you enjoy reading his stories about autograph collecting. Celebrity autograph collecting has resulted in many humorous incidents, here are just a few.

Being a celebrity means dealing with fan demands for autographs, ranging from polite and appropriate to rude and overbearing. One time Katherine Hepburn was performing on Broadway and tried to exit backstage through a crowd of jostling autograph hounds. Bodyguards helped her to her limo and once safely inside the very private star rolled down the window and shouted," Run em down! We'll clean up the blood later!" The crowd scattered and the limousine sped away, pausing long enough for Hepburn to roll down the window and wave goodbye to her fans, accompanied by an evil laugh. Strangely enough, when she lived in Beverly Hills the seclusion loving Hepburn developed the habit of sneaking into her neighbor's houses as a hobby. She became expert at climbing trees, avoiding alarms and dogs, and revealing herself just before her nervous neighbors called the police.
Walt Disney had the strange experience in the 1930s of having his name famous around the world when his face was not. Often he would forget his identification and that combined with his casual attire sometimes kept him out of fancy restaurants. Later in the 50's he became a recognized figure because of his television hosting duties. The lack of anonymity made it increasingly difficult for him to walk through Disneyland without being badgered for autographs. Disney struggled not to be brusque while explaining he didn't have time, he was trying to make the park a better place. In the 60's when the company was trying to purchase Florida marshland for a second amusement park, he was warned by his advisors to stay away from the state, the real estate prices would go up once the identity of the buyer was known. But Disney couldn't resist. Eating in a Orlando diner Walt was approached by a curious waitress,"Pardon me. Aren't you Walt Disney?" Walt who was known for being brutally honest, replied," Hell no! And if I see that sob, I'll give him a piece of my mind."
Stars making movies at Universal Studios often try to avoid tour guides leading autograph hounds. One particular fellow became ingenious at tracking down Michael Caine, who toyed with the idea of having the young man fired, then decided, "What the hell, I'll just sign" and was gracious. It turned out to be a good move, the tour guide was Mike Ovitz who later became the most powerful talent agent in Hollywood.
When stardom is new, autograph signing can be a thrill. One night in Paris the 60 year old Cary Grant and 25 year old Sophia Loren wished to go out to dinner. "But the people will come up to us. I can't stand it!" said the jaded Briton. "I love it," said Sophia. When they left their hotel Grant complete with his hat pulled down,dark glasses, his scarf wrapped around his face, and his huge overcoat looked like the Invisible Man. Sophia looked like Sophia. As they walked the streets of Paris people began to come up to her for autographs which she joyfully signed. After a few fan encounters Grant began to get jealous. Down came the hat, off came the glasses, the coat and the scarf and soon he was standing under neon lights to get noticed.
Another English actor named Grant was thrilled by his breakout stardom due to the movie Four Weddings And A Funeral (1994). Hugh Grant would drive around New York looking for theaters where the film was playing then get out and wait in line, happy for the attention and to sign autographs. Later when he was arrested in Los Angeles for hiring prostitute Divine Brown, he turned down requests to put his signature on tabloids containing his mug shot.
Some actors just sign despite their annoyance. One time Arnold Schwarzenegger was being interviewed at a press junket when a reporter asked him for an autograph for his mother, a big no-no. The star grimaced and said,"Of course. I wouldn't want to disappoint your mother." He paused then added," I'm sure you have disappointed her enough already."
Autographs can cause internal conflicts for stars who take themselves too seriously. During the making of Klute (1971) Donald Sutherland received a written request from a fan who wished for an autograph for his daughter. Sutherland showed the letter to his humorless girlfriend Jane Fonda who expressed a strong opinion that he should not sign it, autographs imply that movie actors are somehow superior to others. Sutherland bowed to her philosophy and wrote a letter stating his reasons for refusing the request. The man wrote him back,"Dear Mr. Sutherland, thank you for your letter. We think you are full of it but we ripped off the signature and gave it to our daughter." Stephen Schochet is the author and narrator of the audiobooks Fascinating Walt Disney and Tales Of Hollywood. The Saint Louis Post Dispatch says," these two elaborate productions are exceptionally entertaining."
Hear realaudio samples of these great, unique gifts at Stephen Schochet author and narrator of "Fascinating Walt Disney" and "Tales Of Hollywood". 310-876-1400 Hear RealAudio samples at

Autograph Criminal Indicted

MAJOR INDICTMENTS - Stan Fitzgerald, his wife and his mother were indicted by the Federal government, on April 20,2004 and taken into custody on April 23. The business he ran was STAN'S SPORTS MEMORABILIA. Tim Fitzsimmons of the FBI accumulated evidence that purportedly shows that Stan Fitzgerald sold at least $2,000,000 worth of fakes from Nov, 1995 to Oct, 1999. His fake autographs were always accompanied by COA's from SCAA or J. DiMaggio. Stan did have some private signings. Those items did not have those COA's.


If you have any SOLID information about big money forgers then call Tim Fitzsimmons of the FBI. His number is 858-499-7814. Tim was the agent in charge of Operation Bullpen. I ENCOURAGE ALL TO CONTACT THE FBI WITH SOLID INFORMATION ABOUT FORGERIES.

Some Stories About PSA and Autographs

There is an auction on ebay The auction is for a "signed" Mark McGwire card, authenticated and graded by PSA. The "signature" on the card is rubber stamped. Sounds like another "cursory review."
On June 7th an ebay auction was started for a baseball purportedly signed by Joe DiMaggio (auction #5206467320). The baseball had an "In The Presence" COA from PSA, supposedly meaning a PSA representative had witnessed the signing. A potential buyer submitted the auction ad to PSA for a "Quick Opinion," which came back "unable to render opinion." This despite the fact that the ball was supposedly "witnessed" by a PSA representative, as indicated by the advertised COA. (The COA was pictured in the auction ad, as was the PSA sticker on the baseball. They had matching ID numbers, 1A 37058).The buyer stated that he was puzzled: PSA cannot authenticate a signature that they supposedly witnessed.The buyer says he confronted the seller, who appeared to be as puzzled as the potential buyer. The buyer claims he has e mails showing that the seller contacted PSA. The e mails stated that (a) there are some “problems” with some of the DiMaggio balls, and (b) PSA would purchase the ball. The seller ended the auction early and promptly removed all pictures from his ad. Did Joe DiMaggio sign this baseball in the presence of PSA? Did he sign any baseballs in the presence of PSA? Are there other such “problems?

Bill Miller, former publisher of Autograph Collector magazine (owned by Collectors Universe) is suing Collectors Universe (parent company of PSA-DNA). Bill has told me that THOUSANDS of COA's with his facsimile signature were issued by PSA-DNA. The number of items he examined was ZERO. Why has PSA implied that autograph authorities are examining the autograph submissions that they are receiving? Mr. Miller's attorney has deposed the head of Collectors Universe and will be deposing Joe Orlando, the president of PSA-DNA.

A statement had been posted on the PSA website, stating: "Some of you may or may not have encountered a PSA/DNA Auction Letter in the marketplace...Please keep in mind these Auction Letters are NOT representative of full PSA/DNA authentication...Prior to the sale, the items are presented for a cursory review only. The items are NOT tagged with our synthetic DNA, are not issued with PSA/DNA serial numbers, and the items are NOT photographed (as they are on our full PSA/DNA authentication letters)...The full letter can be provided for a mere LOA upgrade fee." The dictionary definition of cursory is "HASTY and without attention to detail, NOT THOROUGH." They are admitting that they conducted hasty exams that were not thorough, and now want collectors to PAY THEM MORE MONEY to make up for the cursory work which has been done.