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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Some Advice for Collectors

Be very careful when buying autographs on Internet auction sites. They are the favorite venue for crooked sellers.
Buy only from established dealers with a track record and the knowledge necessary for this business.
I suggest buying only from dealers who are dealer members of UACC or IADA.

If you have vintage autographs to sell, I would be interested.
Please e mail me at


Introduction from the Owner

This is the collectors and dealers blog about the autograph collecting hobby.
Unfortunately and obviously autographs are big business with lots of controversy.
Please don't use this blog to slander anyone in the hobby. Please use this blog to post useful information and questions about autographs.
I will moderate this blog and delete posts that I feel are unwarranted.
The owner is not responsible for material posted here but I will try to keep the tone civil and the rhetoric to a minimum.

Richard Simon